He Freely loves us

ImageThe junior project director, Cam gave an amazing talk at the theme meeting Monday. PS the theme was Rave and probably my favorite dress up theme of the whole summer! The theme talk was titled “Free to Make Much of Christ: When a Rich God Loves Poor Sinners”. This talk is one of those talks where you walk away even more in love with God because it was a beautiful reminder of how much he loves us. He started the talk asking questions like What makes you feel valued? In you or in the riches of a great God that freed you at great cost to enjoy you? These questions are so convicting and make me think about how much I put my value in myself and not in Christ. Then we started going over things we are our Identity in that is not related to Christ and doesn’t value Christ. There were several categories: Relationships, Success, Appearance, and Ministry Success. Yes even ministry success is a category because we are you seeking success in ministry you tend to loose focus on what the realness is in ministry, teaching yourself more of Jesus. Out of these categories I didn’t have one that really stuck out… I seek my value you on all of them. Which is amazing that God is revealing to me that I need to seek value in him NOT success or appearance.
Our notes page says “The depth of God’s love us is NOT seen in that He makes much of us, but rather in that he has freed us, at great cost to himself, to enjoy make much of Christ forever. ” This phrase radically changes my heart. God made us not to enjoy the pleasures of this world but to enjoy his pleasures and to seek him so why are we settling for the little things that don’t satisfy us? This statement is is saying that God loves us no matter our appearance, success, or how many people we get to like us.
We went over three passages in the bible that show Gods great love for us;
John 1:1-16
This is where Jesus doesn’t heal Lazarus and Lazarus would die.This describes Jesus loves for him because rather that doing a just a healing for him, Lazarus would die and be resurrected and show Gods glory that is so much more powerful that just being healed. This is showing a new definition of love. Love is doing what ever has to be done for the glory of God. 
John 17:24 is something you can pray through! It is asking God to give us the gift of seeing the glory of God which is the most satisfying thing.
The third passage which is one of the most important topics in the bible, John 19:17-19
There is no greater proof that God loves you and values than Jesus dying on the Cross for you. Jesus took on the wrath of your sins as well as all others to come, on the cross because God loves us SOOO much. We should be thanking Jesus for this wrath because we deserve it more than anything, this is such a great thought and something to never stop being thankful for.
One of the talk questions was
Why does God love us?
God does not love us because of us. God love us despite us (Romans 5:8)
His love isnt depending on you.
The greatness of Gods love is not only seen in How He loves, but also in who He loves.
   He drew us into himself while we were still sinners, God loves undeserved sinners. This is us.He has freed you to enjoy himself even at a high cost to himself(Jesus).

At the end we went over implications:
-The greatest sinner needs the free grace and love of Christ as badly the greatest Saint.
Even on our greatest days we need a reminder of his love. Its not about you, its about Him, everyday. Turn to his promises when you ask yourself if you are loved.
-fight worry, anxiety, and fear.
Matthew 6:25-34 READ IT. Matthew 10:24-31 1 Peter 5:7
Go to God with your anxieties, he will bring you out of it!!!!!

Okay so I’m glad I could take the time to share how awesome this talk was,
any questions please talk to me!


I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33
In Christ,


While I’m Waiting

(This was written June 26th, just didn’t get to post it til today)

Hey Y’all!
I so wish that I could update my blog more often but I don’t get Internet access enough or a lot of free time. So I didn’t get to post a lot of updates on my last blog entry I just went in detail about one talk that really spoke to my heart. So I just want to give you some updates,

On evangelism: the second week of evangelism we had our training and then we went to the beach to just had some conversations with people and brought up why we are here as much as possible. This was a practice for when we would actually start getting into conversation with people we are going to evangelize with. This past week we had another evangelize training and then we focused on praying for our coworkers and discussing ways we can serve them at work. This is important because we are here to also change the people’s life at our work. We want to show them Jesus in how we work and how we serve customers. Today is evangelism training and we will be evangelizing on the beach, so exciting! I am nervous but ready to share with people the riches of our wonderful God.
On Prayer and Praise: My favorite thing about LP so far has definitely been Prayer and Praise on Sunday nights. We worship and we also have some great reflect and prayer. This just opens up my eyes to something every single week and feel like his time has been perfect. During our reflecting time a verse I went over was 1 John 4:19 “We love each other because he loved us first”. Our reflecting questions were about learning to love all people and do you really love all people the way Christ does. This is SO convicting for me. We are all judgmental sinners, me included. When I read this verse I understand that Jesus loved us no matter what we’ve done or who we are and we need to learn to love people the way Jesus does.
On theme meetings: Our theme meeting last week was Old people!! It was so fun to flash forward 50 years and dress like it.  Our theme talk was on diversity. This was another huge eye opener that I wasn’t expecting. When people think of diversity they really don’t think of God saying we need to have diversity. But the main point of the talk was that “ Our goal is to increase your riches tonight by helping you see how the difference of others are an opportunity for riches rather than a threat to riches.” I have never thought of people not like myself in this way. People not like me have something to offer me that I might miss out if I don’t try to interact with them and that is Christ. In fact you are robbing them of their riches in Christ by not talking to them also. When we reject people, we are REJECTING CRHIST, this blows my mind. This week our theme night was animals; I was a black cat. This theme meeting was on relationships! It was actually a two-day talk by two married people on staff. This is an important talk for everyone to hear. I am just going to say some key points I got from the talk. The first thing is that the worldview is that is normal to date just to have fun and have someone. This is wrong. Dating is for marriage and you should date when you feel fully connected with God and you SEE Jesus in that person. You should date for commitment and getting more of Jesus not for the fun of being around someone though that will come with being in a relationship when you are compatible with the person. We must be content with being single before we can be content being in a relationship. So we must find complete joy in having a relationship with Jesus and when we are happiest with that he will bring a person into our life that will bring you even more Jesus. This is such an amazing thought. Another thing I took from the talk is that we don’t need to emotional invest ourselves in people we don’t intend on dating. The men’s job in the relationship is to initiate everything; the calls, texts, hugs, engagement, marriage. (Ephesians 5:23) It is the women’s job to respond so we must guard our hearts in this (Proverbs 4:23).  All of this makes me think of how much more I need of God in a relationship. Pray about these things and that you will find joy in God not a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you should still love Jesus more than you love your boyfriend/girlfriend.

And the highlight of my week was deffffff my parents coming to visit!!!! such a blessing,wish i could have spent more time with them!

A song that stuck with me this week:

“Set a fire down in my soul
That I cant contain, cant control
I want more of you God
I want more of you God”

So some people have been telling me that they have been reading my blog and it’s inspiring them and pointing them to Christ. This is so amazing to hear, but I don’t take any credit for writing for this because this is all coming from what I am learning through God. So I really hope this point’s people to Christ!

Psalm 119:11
“I have hidden your word in my heart,

That I may not sin against you.”

In Christ,